Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Causes and Symptoms Typical Headache Baby

The complaint the headache on toddlers is indeed difficult to spot, but when the jelly, there are many symptoms or a toddler expressions reveal that they in pain are.
If it appears, however, know the causes and solution as early as possible.

Most parents lack the jelly, crying or fussy child only be interpreted as a sign that the infant or toddler is hungry, want to suckle, sleepy or just have embraced.
Whereas if it is immediately recognizable, headache in infants or toddlers could soon be resolved in accordance with the cause or source of the pain of the head.

Headache that is often felt by the small, it can also be caused by of health and other disorders. Dizzy so that any perceived, different workarounds.

Here are some typical pain causes and symptoms of dizziness at the grassroots:

Typical symptoms are:
Colds, fever.

The Solution:
Give paracetamol in accordance with his age.
This active substance helps reduce dizziness or symptoms headache as well as lower fever. Keep give the food and drink in moderation and nutritious and aim so that children can rest comfortably and simply.

Ear Infection
Typical symptoms are:
Children tugging at ear or ear painsay, out of fluid from the ear, ear pain, fever, decreased hearing, sometimes hot, fussy or vomiting.

Typical Symptoms Are:
The child put his hand to his mouth, holding a cheek, don't want to eat, the cheeks swollen, hard to chew, don't want to eat, and most of the fever.

Typical symptoms are:
The child menggosok-gosok nose or nose illwere complaining, heavy flu and fever, over and over again, swelling, pain below the eye.

Eye Disorders
Typical Symptoms Are:
Children suffer impaired, less clearly seen, when viewing an eye dipicingkan, head of the dijulurkan or watch TV too close.
Headache are usually also occur after doing something that rely on senses penglihata like reading, drawing or watching television.

Typical Symptoms Are:
Runny nose, watery eyes, pain throat.
Symptoms appear could be due to certain foods or things to be the originator of the allergy.

Fall or Hit hard objects
Typical Symptoms Are:
Kid vomit spontaneously spray, decreased consciousness, visually impaired, looking sleepy, slow response though was enough to sleep but hard to waken up.
The severity of the symptom is seizures, stiff neck, there is a weakness of the limbs to the comma.

The ability of parents to perform first aid is urgently needed, and headache don't always have to be directly taken to hospital if it can overcome alone at home.

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