Friday, October 21, 2011

Identify Fever Children

Fever is a symptom that often appear in children. Actually, the fever is not something that could be considered trivial. From that, identify first the type of fever in order to cope appropriately.

Certainly will be very sad if the child is usually lively and funny, suddenly sluggish because of a fever. Indeed today the reason most children brought to the doctor because of fever or heat.

Fever is a symptom or a signal from the body. Signal or a reaction that signifies that the body is invaded by microorganisms can be bacteria or viruses.

When the High fever accompanied Other Symptoms.
Actually, if the fever is not too high (below 38 degrees Celsius), then in fact the parents should not panic and do not need to bring the child to the doctor.

Moreover, if the child's fever is accompanied by cough and colds. Because if so, then in fact the child is only exposed to the flu virus, and how to cope only with plenty of rest.

If the fever is accompanied by symptoms of Appeal No Other.
Precisely the most concern is if the fever is not accompanied by other symptoms, such as coughs and colds, because if not accompanied by other symptoms, the child could have suffered brain infections or other infections.

In addition, parents should also be sensitive to linkunga, maksdunya if your child has a fever during dengue fever season environment, then it must not worry and check the child to the doctor, for fear your child has scarlet fever.

Heat Sensitivity in Children Different.
However, in certain cases, your child may be a heat-sensitive child, where the heat sensitivity of each child is different, there is the body temperature to 38 degrees Celsius, but that's okay. But there also are still 37 degrees centigrade, the child has seizures because of the high heat received by the body.

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