Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recognize the Worm infection in Children

For babies, but think about worm infections, may be considered prior infection in the digestive tract of children caused by viruses or bacteria.
Worm infections can usually be accompanied by a decrease in appetite, weight loss is difficult to ride, but it rarely is accompanied by high heat.

If the fever is accompanied by enough to dominate especially feces smell, most likely a bacterial infection can not be removed.
Bacterial infection is more dangerous than fast becoming a worm infection. Worm infection that is often experienced are roundworms, pinworms are often out of the anus at night and cause itching. And the other is the tapeworm that is often found in meat not cooked properly.

Prevention of worm infection is done mainly to keep clean our hands and our children. By washing hands regularly, keep cleaning your nails, get used to cook the meat until cooked to perfection, very likely will be spared from worm infection in children.

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