Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Crown Pulsed Hard

Babies do not have perfect bone as an adult.
In the baby's head, obtained two crown, great on the front while small on the back. The formation of the crown because the baby is still found gaps between the bones of the skull.

The existence of the crown of this is that the brain can grow to near adult size.
Occiput at the back of the head usually closes completely after the age of 2 months. Crown of the baby most of the closing in children aged 1 year, and usually a maximum age of 2 years, the crown of the baby should already closed.

So what if the baby is older than 2 years, such as 2.5 years, but the crown of the baby is still not well covered.
Please note, that in everyday life, the baby did not show anything suspicious, or in other words growth and development of infants with normal runs, insha Allah, the crown of the magnitude normally will close later.

However, if there is a delay in the emergence and growth, should be sent to the nearest pediatrician known to cause delays growth and causes late to close the crown size.

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