Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do Children Need Food Supplement

By reason of the little hard to eat or to stay fit, parents usually choose to add supplements to children. Although it is possible, but taking supplements or vitamins for the child should still be within the rules.
As the name implies, is an additional supplement of the staple food for children in order to achieve optimal growth and development. Pelu observed, the optimum is meant is something more than normal or excessive.

Supplements, whether in the form of vitamins or minerals, are used to complement the deficiency of vitamins and mineraldalam body. However, the assumption many people that can replace the natural vitamin supplements derived from food is the wrong thing.

Do not Overuse.
One type of food has a combination of different types of vitamins and other substances that the body needs.
If the need for vitamins is not adequate, will occur deficiency condition in children. The result is impaired growth and development.
Therefore, the provision of food including food supplements to children should be given appropriately.

Not only the exact amount but also the correct type, appropriate dosing schedule and give it the right way.
Vitamins play a role in biological processes such as growth, digestion, mental alertness and resistance to infection. In these processes vitamin serves as a catalyst for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Only, intake must be regular and in an appropriate amount so that children can grow and development of children can function optimally.

Vitamin deficiency can make a child's body can not work properly and interfere with growth. Meanwhile, if consumed in excess, then the kidney will work harder to membuangnya.Vitamin are fat soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K), the excess will be stored in body fat tissue and liver.
Accumulation of vitamins that are stored in excess can be toxic to the body.

Eating patterns.
Growth of children, generally seen from the height and weight growth of children. So no wonder if the parents became worried when her weight is not difficult to ride or even a ride-up. But, boy slim was not necessarily malnourished. In addition to looking at charts its growth, parents should also look at the child's development.

Although the child's weight gain is not significant or even permanent, but with a significantly increased height, coarse and fine motor skills well, brain development is also increasing rapidly, so parents do not need to worry.
Children are very active, of course, spend more energy. So it was natural that her weight so difficult to ride or if they go up, just a little.

Vitamin supplements is not to improve a child's appetite, because there is no vitamin that makes a child's appetite increases. Many factors could cause the child to be difficult or do not want to eat.

Causes Eating Difficult Child.
  • The child might get bored with the daily menu.
  • Kids want to grow teeth.
  • Are there psychological problems
  • Or your child is sick ..
The best source for vitamins and minerals is food.
That's why the human diet, both children mapupun adults, should be varied and balanced in accordance with the food pyramid. None other is for the body to obtain a complete vitamin intake.

It is ironic when parents are so very keen to give their children a reason to supplement with vitamin and mineral needs are met, but no attempt at all to improve the diet of children.

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