Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Handling Vomiting

Often at the time to find baby vomit, the panic will come up with is not realized. Actually this panic will be also followed by the panic of the child itself.

Therefore, you should immediately provide the right steps in dealing with a vomiting child.

1. Recognize jeis vomiting child.
Whether this is a group vomit is dangerous or not.
Vomiting is usually identified with the discharge of hazardous anything unusual, such as vomiting blood or vomit that goes on and on.

While the vomiting that is not harmful can be characterized by only a partial release of foods and beverages that are consumed.
However, not to throw up the cause of the child will not eat and drink so the weight will decrease and prevent dehydration. If it were so, the child vomit spewed classified as dangerous though is the form of food and beverages.

2. If vomiting is not classified as dangerous.
The second step if the vomit was still classified as not dangerous, we can position the child to sleep on his side to the side so that vomit does not enter the food into the respiratory tract, especially the lungs.

After that give food or drink a little at one hour intervals thereafter. If the child vomits again, stop and if the vomiting has stopped, just tried to give food as usual.

3. If vomiting is classified as hazardous.
Step three is considered hazardous if the vomit, then the appropriate action is to bring to the health worker.

In this vulnerable condition, which required medical treatment that is fast and precise. In this case also, the child can not be handled alone, but need medical personnel who will provide the appropriate treatment according to symptoms suffered.