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Early Detection Minus Points in Children

Minus points often progressive at the time the children and tend to stabilize when they reach the age of 20. To do so, be aware that since the early toddler avoid minus points.

Eye very important means for human beings.
About 80 percent of the information we get comes from the senses of vision. If there is any disturbance of vision, there will be disruption in the lives of the people.
Difference of vision (refraksi) is a condition where there is one or more optical structures of the eyeball that shows variations outside the normal biological variation, but not an eye disease variants (congenital). And this variation is individual and sometimes difficult to found a previously predicted.

Not all variations of vision in children should be corrected.
However, when these variations interfere with normal vision development process, then this should be detected early and made corrections. Early detection and accurate correction can do to help reduce the number of vision disorders in children.

Reading distance.
Minus points or often also called myopia, is a condition in which blurred vision when viewing the remote.
In the case of this myopia, the eyeball axis is longer than the normal size, so that the focal point falls in front of the retina. This can result in long distance thing will look fuzzy when seen. Harassment in most myopia in children, and is usually found at the screening examination at school.

Causes of Myopia (Minus Points).
In the various progressive myopia, often caused by
1. Genetic factors from parents.
2. Common factors such as the condition is often read or write with jarakdekat
3. Light has an extra strong and long (computer and television) also aggravate the condition of progressive myopia.

Minus Points symptoms.
Children with myopia often complained,
1. Blur when viewing objects at a distance.
2. Turn.
3. Fatigue of the eye.
4. Often approached the object to be seen.

At the age of children up to teenagers, the elongation of the eyeball is part of the body growth,
Elongation axis causes the refractive media focus your confidential files in front of focused light. In line with the longitudinal axis of the eyeball, degree of myopia it will increase further.

Increase degree of myopia requiring glasses higher rank, so an increase minus this simply inevitable. Therefore, in early childhood recommended that screening be repeated every 6 months. In the age group between 20-40 years, progresivitas myopia can be slowed and in therapy by means of a classic.

Function stockings.
When your toddler has gejal symptoms mentioned above, the specialist doctor to immediately check his eyes for the detection of possible variations experienced refraksi.
Early detection can be started since the age of 1 year, 3 years of age and repeated every year, especially for children with a history of old people suffering from myopia.

In children, myopia can be corrected with glasses wearing the right. The purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent lazy eye. Instead of using the right glasses, the control routine is recommended.
This is to know precisely and accurately how the development or growth of the eyeball. When the unknown is increasingly elongated, the eyes of the lens used as a therapy should be adjusted as well.

How to Prevent Eye Minus the child is not growing.
  • Keeping the distance read books and 40-45 cm in 60 cm visibility on the computer screen.
  • Make sure children wear glasses regularly.
  • Eat plenty of nutrients for eye health.
  • Note that the lighting system when the son of activities such as reading and watching TV.
  • Each time reading books, selingi to see what is in the vicinity before reading further.
  • Routine inspections.

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