Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skin Disorders in Children

Anyone who saw the child laughed merrily, surely would love to see it. Do not let them kegembiaraan into tears because of the disruption in the child's skin.

Disorders of skin on your child could occur due to allergies, infections, or even less subdued child's skin moisture.
To that end, keeping the skin clean is very important, both with diligent daily bath routine twice or changing clothes and diapers of children under five is appropriate.

Health problems experienced by the child's skin should get attention. Because, if mishandled, will impact on child growth.
There are several skin health problems experienced by children.

Skin allergy can be biduran.
The symptoms are red spots on the skin accompanied by itching and fever. Usually arise when the condition of the body is not resistant to certain proteins in the skin and immune weakness.

Handling skin allergy is to avoid allergens.
For example, by eating certain foods such as fish, then it must be stopped and avoided for the next. Then the child is given increasing endurance to be more resistant to all kinds of disturbances.

Skin infections can be caused by flora that sticks to the skin resulting in inflammation. Boil is one example of the skin that is infected.
The cause is a germ or bacteria.
Means of prevention that can be done is by keeping the skin clean.

To make handling the topical skin infections needed antibiotics so as to stop the inflammation that occurs in the skin.
At the time exposed to a boil, do not be forced to perform inflammation by way of punch. Because inflammation can occur at once can be a more serious impact on the depth of the wound so it is more difficult to cure.

Skin irritation is usually in the form of diaper rash or prickly heat in infants.
Skin irritation occurs due to lack of preservation of moisture on the skin. The skin is in desperate need of moisture, but the excess or deficiency of moisture can impact skin health.

For treatment of skin irritation can be done by keeping the skin moist. In the case of diaper rash, it should be more frequent changing diapers, night can be replaced at least twice. In the daytime to avoid using diapers instant, while familiarize the child with toilet learning.
While in the case of prickly heat, replacement of the child when it's wet clothes should be done immediately. For example when children play, and his shirt is wet, must be replaced with dry clothes.
The point is to maintain cleanliness and moisture.

In order for skin health can be maintained properly, it needs the attention of parents to the child's behavior.
Such as ensuring the child a bath twice a day, morning and afternoon. This is to keep body moisture to stay awake so that the normal flora of the skin is not impaired.

Make sure clothes are worn not used anymore because the clothes are already in use have been contaminated with sweat.
When sweating, either because of play or other activities, kids clothes should be replaced immediately.
Activity outside the home after a long, straight is better dressed, and choose a soft fabric clothing that can absorb the sweat.

Maintaining cleanliness is important, but that does not mean a shower more than twice a day can interfere with the presence of normal flora on the skin.
That's some skin disorders in children is usually the case.

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