Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Type of Seizures In Children

From several sources indicate that almost 10 percent of people in the world have experienced seizures mainly due to fever in children.
Because of that, some myths stating that seizures can cause decreased intelligence of children, it is not true. There was no association between seizures with intelligence.

Although there are certain types of seizures that can make a child's motor skills violated, but it is very unlikely., Ie lateral complex seizures.

Type of Seizures.
Seizures themselves can be divided into 2 types:

1. Bilateral Simplex.
Character is if your child seizures in two hands.
2. Lateral Complex.

If the child is just a seizure on one side (right or left it alone), and only spasms in the same place, and its intensity is often, then this is the characteristic lateral complex seizures.

And if your child has the lateral complex, then there may be abnormalities of the brain that can affect motor skills as well.
And when it happened so, then the parents should immediately bring to the doctor for further review.

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