Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Reduce Risks Travel Drunk

Vacations are nice words heard by students, university students, employees and probably anyone else. Presence is always anticipated and always remembered. Often heard by us when the holiday begins.

Vacation is very diverse, schools and universities will usually provide an opportunity for teachers, students, for the holidays. The owner is the same company or office, they will dismiss their employees for several days.

On the other hand, intent on vacation is to find a new atmosphere, but in practice, that requires vacation travel far to have a decent risk tinggi.Karena usually when traveling, a person will be vulnerable to disease.
One among the health problems often encountered when traveling is to travel sickness.

Well, to reduce the risk of drunk, things can be done as follows:

1. Consuming processed ginger products, such as ginger ale, ginger candy or ginger biscuits.

2. Not a lot of reading while in a vehicle.

3. Listening to music through chant mp3 player, phone or otherwise.

4. If you bring children, do not expose children to the back or side. Teach him to see distant objects, such as mountains or the vast expanse of rice fields, because by looking at distant objects do not cause the head became dizzy.

5. If a car or bus ride, choose a seat in front.

6. If the boat ride, go to the boat deck and look at the horizontal movement.

7. If you get on a plane, we can book early when checking in a seat that was near a window, or sitting on the near wing of the movement was the lightest.

8. Do not see or talk to people who easily get drunk.

9. Avoid strong odors, sharp spicy foods, especially before and during the trip.

10. Keep the circulation in the vehicle in good condition, such as smoke-free, because it can trigger nausea.

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