Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Junk Food Dangers for Children

Too often eat fast food or junk food is not only detrimental to health. These foods can also make your baby susceptible to various diseases.

Eating junk food seems to have become part of people's lifestyles, especially in big cities. In fact, not infrequently the parents actually introducing these foods early on. However, be careful, it turns out the food is very harmful for children's health such as diabetes.

Junk food can be connoted as the food of low nutritional quality. These foods are usually packaged as a fast-food menu that offers delicious flavors so addictive the buyer.

Calorie dense.
Junk food usually contain dense calories, fat and spices with high salt levels, giving rise to a very delicious taste sensation on the tongue. This is obviously not healthy because of fat, calories and contain other substances they contain exceeds a specified threshold. In fact, the composition of healthy food had to be balanced.

If calculated from the value of nutrition, junk food is not balanced. A packet of the normal portion of fries, for example, can contain 500 calories, hamburgers around 500 calories, not to mention when added to soft drinks. Total calories a meal can exceed the total of 2000 calories. The average calorie requirement for adult men only averaged only 1900 calories, whereas in children around 1500-1900 calories. This means eating once a dish does not include drinking, had passed more than half the caloric needs of children.

High Cholesterol.
Junk food jug can contain cholesterol and high sugar. While the content of important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals actually neglected. Of particular concern, junk food is likely to contain harmful substances such as preservatives and additives that make children become addicted.

Things need to be aware of eating junk food or fast food is high calorie content. In principle this instant food has been through the process repeated. This process led to simple sugars on instant food are easily absorbed by the body.

Junk food is also included high glycemic index foods that cause a sense of addiction. Think this is due to feelings of pleasure derived from a blood sugar rise quickly. Then there is the craving effects (feeling of wanting to always be snacking) so the blood sugar falls rapidly.

Risk of Diabetes.
In addition, less junk food also contain fibers. In fact, in normal conditions, the fiber is needed to keep the cycle defecate (BAB) on a regular basis and compensate for calorie intake too much.

When left with a diet high in calories and less fiber continuously, the child will become obese. Foods with high glycemic index that triggers the production of insulin continuously, and over time will increase the risk of diabetes in children.

If you eat junk food constantly, not only lead to overweight in children but can also lead to degenerative diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure or other serious illnesses.

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