Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prolonged Flu Could Cause Sinusitis

Usually, influenza or flu lasts only three to seven days. However, what if flu attacked more than one week or even months. When influenza occurs continuously, then it could be early signs of the emergence of sinusitis. Whatever the cause, if left unchecked will flu can be fatal from sinusitis to asthma.

Flu is a viral infection that almost everyone has experienced it, including us and the kids.

Causes of Sinusitis.
Actually influenza illness during the course of relatively limited. Therefore, the human immune system is able to overcome the virus that causes the flu, or it may be said that in fact this disease can be cured by itself.

But it must be remembered, at the time suffering from the flu, the first solution that must be done is to get enough rest and if necessary isolate yourself so that others are not infected and do not arise secondary infections caused by bacteria.
From this flu that can cause sinusitis disease.

Another cause is due to a prolonged influenza virus, making continuous runny nose area so that germs or viruses easily nested. Eventually there will be swelling in the nasal cavity, so that the mucus in the sinuses can not get out.
In fact, the sinus should be clean and sterile so that the air in it can be in and out smoothly.

Allergy influence.
Sinusitis is also experienced by vulnerable people who have allergies talent. Therefore, if the roots of the sinuses are very close to the roots of the teeth, then the germ is easy to move.
Adenoids are located just behind the nose is actually functioning as a defense to filter bacteria or virus that enters the body. but if adenoidnya too large, it will inhibit secretion (sputum) from the mouth of the sinus.

The result, if the estuary is closed by the adenoid, mucus can not go out and air can not spin well. As a result, will continue runny nose and germs easily grow.

Asthma affects.
Another sign that the flu is leading to sinusitis are headache, nasal congestion and the presence of mucus flow in the throat or post nasal drip.
Dizziness occurred because air can flow smoothly should be hampered because of swelling in the nasal cavity or infection of the adenoid.

While nasal congestion, caused by excessive mucus production due to allergies, plus a narrowing of the nasal cavity due to swelling. Finally, mucus can not but go out through the nose to the throat.
Not surprisingly, sinusitis sufferers often feel his throat contains mucus. When this condition is kept muted and the cause is allergy sinus, likely will occur asthma, because the throat which was originally to function properly can be disrupted by a continuous mucus in the throat.

Drugs and surgery.
Prior to treatment, would be helpful to know in advance the cause of the illness.
If the cause of allergies, we should avoid it (the cause of allergy), because if only the sinuses are treated and not sought out the causes of allergy, later sinusitisnya will definitely come back.

When the cause infection of the nasal cavity, the infection is what will be eliminated by antibiotics, to kill germs or bacteria and decongestan, to relieve the respiratory tract.

If after all this time sinusitisnya do not heal, a doctor may perform fisioteraphy UKG and inhalation, if necessary x-rays to see the cause, because of it will be seen clearly if adenoidnya is really annoying or not.
While in severe cases, treatment may be surgery to remove the mucus and pus in the sinuses.

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