Monday, October 17, 2011

Dangers of Sugary Foods to Children

Children are most happy eating sweet foods. However, if too much to consume, it would be very harmful to the health of children. Not only causes little affected by obesity, but also disorders of the teeth, and even diabetes at an early age.

As a parent, sometimes letting children consume sugary foods.
There is a saying that goes as follows:
Like mother, like daughter.
Like father, like son.

It's describing what is in children is a reflection of the behavior of their parents. Therefore, parents should set a good example to children as early as possible by not familiarizing excessive sweetness in every activities of eating and drinking.
Because sweetness is like an addictive substance that is difficult to remove.

Eating Habits.
In general, children can never resist carbohydrates as a source of nutrients that provide a sweet taste, especially simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, or sugar in the fruit.

Try just watch, kids are so easily aroused her appetite just by adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar into the milk or other beverages. Conversely, children do not like the taste of bitter. Understandable if they usually did not like vegetables because the vegetables tucked bitter taste.

Although the boy was crazy about was the type of food, parents should not spoil them by providing food that would be bad is.
If no power to refuse, quite sparingly, because although as a source of calories, sugars and carbohydrates are consumed in excess will only cause health problems later in life.

Early Diabetes.
Associated with adverse effects on health of children, when children consume food or drink sweet, so sweet it will be absorbed quickly into the blood vessels, thus increasing the levels of the hormone insulin.

Furthermore, the hormone insulin will work draw blood sugar and fat from the blood to dismpan in body tissues as inventory in the future.

This storage process if not balanced with energy expenditure, it will cause weight gain and excess (over weight), and could rise to overweight or obesity. The ends are a variety of diseases will arise, and one of the most threatening is the disease of diabetes.

Of all people, especially older people will be sad if young children are affected by diabetes is not it?
Therefore, as a parent should ushakan regulate food intake of sweets, especially sugar in children. Will eventually wake up good eating habits early on.

Destructive Dentistry.
In addition, excessive consumption of sweet foods can lead to dental caries.
Dental caries are holes in teeth caused by germs. Germs that can flourish in the teeth because there is food left on the teeth.
Germs are very happy to stay on the rest of the foods that contain carbohydrates and sweet.

When compared to other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, tooth pain seems mild indeed. However, if left unchecked, damaged teeth can cause a more severe risk.
For example, the lack of dental care of children under five. As a result, the teeth will be porous and colored black. If it is so, the child can not chew food properly.

Each meal, he will feel pain and over time he will not eat. And when it does not want to eat the parents who will trouble themselves later.

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