Sunday, October 16, 2011

Danger of Pain Reliever Medicine

When experiencing a painful symptoms such as headaches, we are usually directly seek pain relief medication without consulting the head of the experts first. In fact, the use of pain relievers in the long run and to excess can damage body organs.

Pain medication is basically just serves to eliminate the symptom. Rheumatic pain for example, in dealing with rheumatic pain symptoms should be careful and ask the experts how to appropriate care.

If you only rely on pain relief medication alone will cause adverse effects on the stomach. So, do not let arthritis symptoms subsided but the stomach problems.

Drugs Do not Combined.
There are a lot of painkillers that are popular. Each one is more effective than others in reducing pain in conditions different. It depends on the nature and causes of pain, patient's age and medical history. From that, it is advisable to read the rules of use that has been attached, in which drug usage rules attached to it not only as mere decoration.

There are also some pain relief medication that combines several active substances, eg combined with caffeine or any other pain medication. In fact, the combination drug product, not necessarily more effective and has not been proven scientifically.
Basically, pain relief medications are equally at risk of renal function or cause allergic reactions.

Drugs with one active ingredient is always more effective than the combination product (this is what needs to be emphasized).
Caffeine is not always beneficial for the treatment of headaches. In addition, to prevent gastrointestinal pain, anti-pain medication should be taken after food and swallow it with water.

Take the medication a maximum of 3 times a day.
If your pain persists for 3 days, or anti-pain requiring more than 7 days per month, you should see her doctor.
Take pain medication according to doctor's instructions.

Can cause miscarriage.
Maybe you've read the attachment regarding drug use and prohibition rules. And most are not recommended for pregnant women take the drug unless directed by your doctor.

Pain relieving drugs in combination with analgesics consumed during pregnancy have a greater risk in giving birth to a baby boy with testicular abnormalities. Women who use more than one type of painkiller at the same time, have an increased risk 7-fold increase in the possibility of having a child with multiple abnormalities.

Be careful taking painkillers which bai pregnant before reaching 20 weeks or consult your doctor to be safe, because the gestational age is not even 20 weeks, going 7-fold risk of miscarriage.

Many doctors are warned to be more careful in taking pain relief medication. This is because the pain reliever proven as well as at high risk for cardiovascular diseases associated with vascular disorders such as heart disease and stroke, also have adverse effects on the stomach and skin.

If consumed up to 18 months, such drugs can perforate the intestine, stomach, and suffered a severe skin disorder in the form of red patches all over his body.

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