Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iron Deficiency Anemia Experienced Vulnerable children

Iron Deficiency Anemia, a disease caused by a lack of substance in red blood cell formation, such as iron deficiency. This is exactly the type of anemia is often experienced.

Then what is the connection between this anemia with iron deficiency.

In the case of Iron Deficiency Anemia, iron deficiency will make the levels of hemoglobin in the blood is also reduced.
Keep in mind, this iron is the most important element in the formation of hemoglobin, whereas hemoglobin itself is part of the blood which serves to transport oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.

With the decrease in hemoglobin, the oxygen which was circulated to the body's red blood cells will also be reduced. This is what makes the body become pale, listless and tired.
Worryingly, it turns out Iron Deficiency Anemia experienced by these vulnerable children, iron deficiency even including four child health problems in the world.

Symptoms experienced by patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia:
  1. The surface of the tongue becomes slick and shiny as papil (a pimple) tongue disappears.
  2. Tongue irritation.
  3. Lips chapped.
  4. Fingernails cracked.
  5. The desire to eat unusual foods such as ice cubes.
  6. For the conditions are quite severe, usually accompanied by shortness of breath.

If the child has such symptoms, parents should immediately take him to the doctor to ascertain whether the child has Iron Deficiency Anemia or not and is usually done is the determination of hemoglobin in the blood (blood test).

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