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Preventing Chickenpox in Children

Although it may seem a trivial thing, but if left alone chickenpox disease is not treated immediately, can lead to other diseases that are more complex and dangerous.
Apart from personal hygiene, giving smallpox vaccinations in infants can also prevent your child had chicken pox.

Brief of Chicken Pox.
Chicken pox is an acute, contagious viral infection caused by chickenpox.
The disease is different from that now declared smallpox eradicated from the face of the earth has this. Chicken pox usually only suffered by a child, but in some tropical countries like Indonesia were also attacked by this disease teens and adults.

Causes of Chicken Pox.
The disease is caused by a virus called varicella or by Varicella Zooster (VZ virus).
The virus can be found in the vesicle fluid, the patient's blood and fluids and mucous membranes can cause herpes zoster.
Clearly, someone will be susceptible to viruses if tubunya resistance weakened.

Symptoms of Chicken Pox.
Chickenpox transmission through saliva sprinkling sick people or through the liquid that comes out when the bubbles burst in the skin.
Patients can transmit the disease within 24 hours prior to abnormalities in the skin arise until 7 days later. In some literature stated that the disease incubation period ranges from 11 to 12 days.

Because it is so easily spread, the patient should be isolated until it is completely healed.
In general, the whole of herpes can be transmitted through direct contact. Due to infection of open wounds would easily pass the virus to other body parts when the touch occurred.
Not everyone knows whether she ever had chickenpox or not.

Symptoms include:
1. Similar to the common cold is a few days to heal itself.
2. Within 24 hours before gejal arise in the skin, patients experience fever, weakness and feeling lazy.
3. Has no appetite.
4. Sometimes accompanied by redness of the skin such as prickly heat.

Prevention To avoid Transmitted to Others:
1. To prevent infection, patients should be isolated from other children or adults are healthy until the fluid-filled bumps on the skin to peel and dry.
2. Clothing, towels, dishes and other equipment owned by the patient must be isolated and cleaned separately.
3. Chickenpox vaccination early.
Vaccination recommendation.
Chickenpox can be prevented by administering zoster immune globulin (ZIF) or by Varicella-Zoster Immune Globulin (VZIG).
In healthy children between 1 to 12 years is given only once, and once again given at the onset of puberty to establish immunity to 60 to 80 percent. After that, given once again in adulthood.
Acquired immunity can last up to 10 years.

Providing antivirus is not recommended its use on chicken pox with severe complications. For example it is chicken pox in infants under the age of 28 days or in people with weak immune systems.
Provision of anti-virus must be done within 48 hours after the rash first appears.

According to the Indonesian Pediatric Association, of chickenpox vaccine after the child was 5 years old and revaccination is not necessary. However, with particular consideration of the chickenpox vaccine can be given after age 1 year.

Wound care for Former Chicken Pox.
After the chicken pox recovered, then had chicken pox scars look like a wound exposed to scratches round. The wound has the potential to cause the former and not. To avoid scarring, then just let the blood dry naturally and avoid peeling for carded.

For wound infection and pus, do treatments such as caring for immediate cuts. For example, by giving iodine and if necessary use a bandage to prevent further infection.
Whenever there is a bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

Patients are encouraged to shower, change clothes and sheets every day.
Healing will be more quickly achieved when the child's general state of well kept. Therefore, kulaitas and quantity of food for children need to be maintained.
If the resistance continues meningklat, then the healing process will go faster.

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