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Causes and Symptoms Typical Headache Baby

The complaint the headache on toddlers is indeed difficult to spot, but when the jelly, there are many symptoms or a toddler expressions reveal that they in pain are.
If it appears, however, know the causes and solution as early as possible.

Most parents lack the jelly, crying or fussy child only be interpreted as a sign that the infant or toddler is hungry, want to suckle, sleepy or just have embraced.
Whereas if it is immediately recognizable, headache in infants or toddlers could soon be resolved in accordance with the cause or source of the pain of the head.

Headache that is often felt by the small, it can also be caused by of health and other disorders. Dizzy so that any perceived, different workarounds.

Here are some typical pain causes and symptoms of dizziness at the grassroots:

Typical symptoms are:
Colds, fever.

The Solution:
Give paracetamol in accordance with his age.
This active substance helps reduce dizziness or symptoms headache as well as lower fever. Keep give the food and drink in moderation and nutritious and aim so that children can rest comfortably and simply.

Ear Infection
Typical symptoms are:
Children tugging at ear or ear painsay, out of fluid from the ear, ear pain, fever, decreased hearing, sometimes hot, fussy or vomiting.

Typical Symptoms Are:
The child put his hand to his mouth, holding a cheek, don't want to eat, the cheeks swollen, hard to chew, don't want to eat, and most of the fever.

Typical symptoms are:
The child menggosok-gosok nose or nose illwere complaining, heavy flu and fever, over and over again, swelling, pain below the eye.

Eye Disorders
Typical Symptoms Are:
Children suffer impaired, less clearly seen, when viewing an eye dipicingkan, head of the dijulurkan or watch TV too close.
Headache are usually also occur after doing something that rely on senses penglihata like reading, drawing or watching television.

Typical Symptoms Are:
Runny nose, watery eyes, pain throat.
Symptoms appear could be due to certain foods or things to be the originator of the allergy.

Fall or Hit hard objects
Typical Symptoms Are:
Kid vomit spontaneously spray, decreased consciousness, visually impaired, looking sleepy, slow response though was enough to sleep but hard to waken up.
The severity of the symptom is seizures, stiff neck, there is a weakness of the limbs to the comma.

The ability of parents to perform first aid is urgently needed, and headache don't always have to be directly taken to hospital if it can overcome alone at home.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Detection of Early Childhood Sprue

Is happiness your baby suddenly disappeared, refusing to eat and drink milk, his body heat was rising ...
This could be a sign of the onset of canker sores. In order for canker sores is not prolonged, be sure to give your child foods that are rich in vitamins and fiber and avoiding foods that are too hot or too cold.

Thrush is a small ulcer diameter of approximately 3 mm with a creamy base. The emergence repeatedly on the tongue, lips, inner cheek (mucosa), and throat. The amount of canker sores is fixed, not enlarged, widened or spread as well as ulcers.

Know the Type.
There are several types of ulcers that occur in children.
1. Sprue due to trauma (Stomatitis Apthosa).
That is because the wound bitten canker sores or friction toothbrush that is not exactly so injure the mouth and blisters.
Selection of a toothbrush and a way to clean teeth properly will reduce the potential for these injuries.
2. Types of Oral Thrush (Moniliasis).
Ie canker sores caused by the growth of the fungus candida albicans in the tongue.
3. Herpetic stomatitis.
Thrush can be found at the back of the throat caused by herpes simplex virus.

The sores that often interfere with the fun of children under five is a manifold Apthosa stomatitis and herpetic stomatitis.

Recognize the symptoms.
To prevent thrush, should be recognizable symptoms.
Early signs of thrush are easily recognizable:
  • The tongue becomes somewhat slippery.
  • Reddish-colored tongue.
  • Injuries incurred at the bottom and edges or center of the tongue.
  • In the inner cheek look white spots.
  • The advent of the bump on the inner cheek that can rupture, making the mouth feel sore.
As for the wounds in the oral cavity can be caused by several things:
  • Since being bitten on the lips or tongue due to irregular arrangement of the teeth.
  • As a result of brushing too hard or bristle brush that has been expanding.
  • Can also be caused by allergies to certain foods, like peppers and pineapple.
  • Psychological factors.
  • Lack of vitamin B, vitamin C and iron.

Other symptoms that can be viewed in real are:
  • High fever up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Little liru removing water more than usual.
  • The smell of bad breath are less tasty.
  • The cub looked nervous and a bit fussy.
  • Do not want to eat and not drink milk or milk bottles.
Inspection can be performed manually by using the tools spatel tongue and if not possible, could use a small spoon.
Press the tongue with this tool, a little lower the handle until the oral cavity seen.

How to Treat.
Provide a balanced diet in children's food consumption is very important.
Foods that are rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B12 and iron. In addition, parents should avoid giving food or drink that is too hot or too cold.

Should suapi baby with a spoon slowly when giving food.
Companies give drink through the glass by using a straw to avoid direct contact with sores so as not to cause friction and trauma.
Then choose the softer texture of food and liquid to be easily swallowed. Rubbing the affected ulcer with honey.

Do not force children to eat rice, give a soft-textured foods such as porridge and so on. If you provide anti-thrush, you should consult your physician first. Therefore, improper medication can affect health is not good for children.

Early Detection of Retina Cancer

Cancer of the retina is usually referred to as retinoblastoma.
This cancer is a malignancy that occurs in a layer of pigment cells in the area behind the eye that oeka to light.
Eye cancer can strike anyone, but in general the disease often occurs in children younger than 5 years.

The initial symptoms
Initial symptoms usually occur in retinablastoma is:
  1. No white in the center circle of the eye or the pupil when light bounces in the eyes, like a camera flash exposure or so-called cat's eye amaurotik.
  2. Direction of the eye look different from each other / cross-eyed.
  3. Eye redness, eye pain swelling and pain.
  4. Visual impairment, blindness can occur.
  5. And the last iris in both eyes having different color.

There are two forms of retinoblastoma:
  1. Genetic type.
  2. Sporadic type.
In general, bilateral genetic type, whereas the sporadic type is unilateral.

In general, remain unknown causes this type of cancer, but there is a possibility that this could be due to congenital conditions, genetic mutations in the retinal nerve cells that causes continues to grow and multiply themselves when normal cells are supposed to be dead.

The accumulation of these cells then form a tumor.
Retinoblastoma can invade into the eye and surrounding tissue.
Retinoblaastoma also can spread to other directions in the body, such as brain and spinal cord.
Possible child of one of those parents who suffer from retinoblastoma is 40 percent.

Immediately consult an ophthalmologist if terdpat suspicion of white patches on the child's eyes.
With so will do further tests such as eye examinations in a state of dilated pupils, eye ultrasound, CT scan and examination of cerebrospinal head.

As for the treatment of cancer of the retina is dependent on the size and location.
If small, can be treated with laser surgery.
While in retinoblastoma that has spread outside the eye can be therapeutic treatment with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Alternative medicine for this should consult with an ophthalmologist.
If the cancer does not respond to treatment, may need to be removed.

Baby Crown Pulsed Hard

Babies do not have perfect bone as an adult.
In the baby's head, obtained two crown, great on the front while small on the back. The formation of the crown because the baby is still found gaps between the bones of the skull.

The existence of the crown of this is that the brain can grow to near adult size.
Occiput at the back of the head usually closes completely after the age of 2 months. Crown of the baby most of the closing in children aged 1 year, and usually a maximum age of 2 years, the crown of the baby should already closed.

So what if the baby is older than 2 years, such as 2.5 years, but the crown of the baby is still not well covered.
Please note, that in everyday life, the baby did not show anything suspicious, or in other words growth and development of infants with normal runs, insha Allah, the crown of the magnitude normally will close later.

However, if there is a delay in the emergence and growth, should be sent to the nearest pediatrician known to cause delays growth and causes late to close the crown size.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Diabetes Herbal Medicines

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disorder that is characterized by impaired metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, followed complications of small blood vessels and large blood vessels.
Generally, diabetes is associated with hereditary factor with most major clinical symptoms are intolerance glucose (sugar).

Diabetes Mellitus is very varied, new symptoms are usually found during a screening or examination for diseases other than diabetes. Symptoms can also occur suddenly and typical symptoms are generally felt by people is frequent urination especially at night, often hungry and often feel hungry even after eating.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus in children has a characteristic early symptom of a more rapid and generally occurs in children who are underweight. Meanwhile, the main symptom is the child grew thin, the number of eating a lot, always thirsty and urinate more frequently.
In children who wet the bed had not suddenly wet again.
The skin feels dry, often itchy and skin infections. If the situation becomes more severe, the child can be a comma.

Prevention in general can be done with the car exercising regularly, avoiding foods that contain excessive fat and carbohydrate-containing foods and reduce gulla.

Before taking herbal medicines, the patient should consider the following matters:

1. Patients should consume foods with a low and slow carbohydrates into sugar.
2. Expand to eat fruits and vegetables, especially cabbage, long beans and peppers to repair the pancreas.

3. Patients are advised to consume vegetables and fruit juice to help lower blood sugar levels and improving metabolism.

In addition to food, physical activities such as sports will make treatment easier and lower the resistance of cells to insulin.

How to Herbal Medicine.
Potions I.
Ingredients: Sambiloto 10 grams. 21 leaves and 20 cm shaft mamba brotowali chopped.

Method of Construction:

All material is washed, then boiled with 5 cups of water to be 3 cups.

How to use:
Takes 3 times a day 1 cup per day and drink 1 hour before meals.

Potions II (when accompanied by injuries that do not heal):
Ingredients: 10 grams Sambiloto, gotu kola and 10 grams 10 grams cat whiskers.

Method of Construction:
Wash and boil all the ingredients with 5 cups water until it becomes 3 cups.

How to use:
Drink 3 times daily before meals.
Leftovers stew smeared the injured body.

Identify Fever Children

Fever is a symptom that often appear in children. Actually, the fever is not something that could be considered trivial. From that, identify first the type of fever in order to cope appropriately.

Certainly will be very sad if the child is usually lively and funny, suddenly sluggish because of a fever. Indeed today the reason most children brought to the doctor because of fever or heat.

Fever is a symptom or a signal from the body. Signal or a reaction that signifies that the body is invaded by microorganisms can be bacteria or viruses.

When the High fever accompanied Other Symptoms.
Actually, if the fever is not too high (below 38 degrees Celsius), then in fact the parents should not panic and do not need to bring the child to the doctor.

Moreover, if the child's fever is accompanied by cough and colds. Because if so, then in fact the child is only exposed to the flu virus, and how to cope only with plenty of rest.

If the fever is accompanied by symptoms of Appeal No Other.
Precisely the most concern is if the fever is not accompanied by other symptoms, such as coughs and colds, because if not accompanied by other symptoms, the child could have suffered brain infections or other infections.

In addition, parents should also be sensitive to linkunga, maksdunya if your child has a fever during dengue fever season environment, then it must not worry and check the child to the doctor, for fear your child has scarlet fever.

Heat Sensitivity in Children Different.
However, in certain cases, your child may be a heat-sensitive child, where the heat sensitivity of each child is different, there is the body temperature to 38 degrees Celsius, but that's okay. But there also are still 37 degrees centigrade, the child has seizures because of the high heat received by the body.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Reduce Risks Travel Drunk

Vacations are nice words heard by students, university students, employees and probably anyone else. Presence is always anticipated and always remembered. Often heard by us when the holiday begins.

Vacation is very diverse, schools and universities will usually provide an opportunity for teachers, students, for the holidays. The owner is the same company or office, they will dismiss their employees for several days.

On the other hand, intent on vacation is to find a new atmosphere, but in practice, that requires vacation travel far to have a decent risk tinggi.Karena usually when traveling, a person will be vulnerable to disease.
One among the health problems often encountered when traveling is to travel sickness.

Well, to reduce the risk of drunk, things can be done as follows:

1. Consuming processed ginger products, such as ginger ale, ginger candy or ginger biscuits.

2. Not a lot of reading while in a vehicle.

3. Listening to music through chant mp3 player, phone or otherwise.

4. If you bring children, do not expose children to the back or side. Teach him to see distant objects, such as mountains or the vast expanse of rice fields, because by looking at distant objects do not cause the head became dizzy.

5. If a car or bus ride, choose a seat in front.

6. If the boat ride, go to the boat deck and look at the horizontal movement.

7. If you get on a plane, we can book early when checking in a seat that was near a window, or sitting on the near wing of the movement was the lightest.

8. Do not see or talk to people who easily get drunk.

9. Avoid strong odors, sharp spicy foods, especially before and during the trip.

10. Keep the circulation in the vehicle in good condition, such as smoke-free, because it can trigger nausea.

Early Detection of Child Leukemia

Leukemia is a malignancy of blood cells derived from bone marrow characterized by increasing white blood cells with the addition of the manifestation of abnormal blood cells.
But leukemia is divided into two namely leukemia in children and childhood leukemia in adults.
Leukemia in children is generally ranked among the top three malignancies of children around the world that reaches 30-40 percent.

Symptoms of leukemia are:
1. Anemia.
The patient appears pale, tired, tired, breathing quick and short.
This is usually due to decreased red blood cells.
2. Bleeding Under Skin.
The form of bluish-red spots, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, and others.
This is caused by the reduction of red blood cells.
3. Susceptible to infection because abnormal white blood cells.
Patients often prolonged fever or fever, cough and so forth.
4. Bone pain.
5. Abdominal pain due to enlargement of liver, kidney and gall.
6. Enlarged lymph glands under the arm of the neck, chest and so forth.
7. Shortness of breath or difficulty.
To find out or diagnosed need to be done in full blood examination like CT Scan, MRI, ultrasound and bone marrow biopsy.

As for treatment can be through Chemo therapy, bone marrow transplantation, medication tablets or injections to stop the production of white blood cells that are not normal in the spinal cord, and transfusion of red blood cells and platelets are blood cells to form.

Prolonged Flu Could Cause Sinusitis

Usually, influenza or flu lasts only three to seven days. However, what if flu attacked more than one week or even months. When influenza occurs continuously, then it could be early signs of the emergence of sinusitis. Whatever the cause, if left unchecked will flu can be fatal from sinusitis to asthma.

Flu is a viral infection that almost everyone has experienced it, including us and the kids.

Causes of Sinusitis.
Actually influenza illness during the course of relatively limited. Therefore, the human immune system is able to overcome the virus that causes the flu, or it may be said that in fact this disease can be cured by itself.

But it must be remembered, at the time suffering from the flu, the first solution that must be done is to get enough rest and if necessary isolate yourself so that others are not infected and do not arise secondary infections caused by bacteria.
From this flu that can cause sinusitis disease.

Another cause is due to a prolonged influenza virus, making continuous runny nose area so that germs or viruses easily nested. Eventually there will be swelling in the nasal cavity, so that the mucus in the sinuses can not get out.
In fact, the sinus should be clean and sterile so that the air in it can be in and out smoothly.

Allergy influence.
Sinusitis is also experienced by vulnerable people who have allergies talent. Therefore, if the roots of the sinuses are very close to the roots of the teeth, then the germ is easy to move.
Adenoids are located just behind the nose is actually functioning as a defense to filter bacteria or virus that enters the body. but if adenoidnya too large, it will inhibit secretion (sputum) from the mouth of the sinus.

The result, if the estuary is closed by the adenoid, mucus can not go out and air can not spin well. As a result, will continue runny nose and germs easily grow.

Asthma affects.
Another sign that the flu is leading to sinusitis are headache, nasal congestion and the presence of mucus flow in the throat or post nasal drip.
Dizziness occurred because air can flow smoothly should be hampered because of swelling in the nasal cavity or infection of the adenoid.

While nasal congestion, caused by excessive mucus production due to allergies, plus a narrowing of the nasal cavity due to swelling. Finally, mucus can not but go out through the nose to the throat.
Not surprisingly, sinusitis sufferers often feel his throat contains mucus. When this condition is kept muted and the cause is allergy sinus, likely will occur asthma, because the throat which was originally to function properly can be disrupted by a continuous mucus in the throat.

Drugs and surgery.
Prior to treatment, would be helpful to know in advance the cause of the illness.
If the cause of allergies, we should avoid it (the cause of allergy), because if only the sinuses are treated and not sought out the causes of allergy, later sinusitisnya will definitely come back.

When the cause infection of the nasal cavity, the infection is what will be eliminated by antibiotics, to kill germs or bacteria and decongestan, to relieve the respiratory tract.

If after all this time sinusitisnya do not heal, a doctor may perform fisioteraphy UKG and inhalation, if necessary x-rays to see the cause, because of it will be seen clearly if adenoidnya is really annoying or not.
While in severe cases, treatment may be surgery to remove the mucus and pus in the sinuses.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Junk Food Dangers for Children

Too often eat fast food or junk food is not only detrimental to health. These foods can also make your baby susceptible to various diseases.

Eating junk food seems to have become part of people's lifestyles, especially in big cities. In fact, not infrequently the parents actually introducing these foods early on. However, be careful, it turns out the food is very harmful for children's health such as diabetes.

Junk food can be connoted as the food of low nutritional quality. These foods are usually packaged as a fast-food menu that offers delicious flavors so addictive the buyer.

Calorie dense.
Junk food usually contain dense calories, fat and spices with high salt levels, giving rise to a very delicious taste sensation on the tongue. This is obviously not healthy because of fat, calories and contain other substances they contain exceeds a specified threshold. In fact, the composition of healthy food had to be balanced.

If calculated from the value of nutrition, junk food is not balanced. A packet of the normal portion of fries, for example, can contain 500 calories, hamburgers around 500 calories, not to mention when added to soft drinks. Total calories a meal can exceed the total of 2000 calories. The average calorie requirement for adult men only averaged only 1900 calories, whereas in children around 1500-1900 calories. This means eating once a dish does not include drinking, had passed more than half the caloric needs of children.

High Cholesterol.
Junk food jug can contain cholesterol and high sugar. While the content of important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals actually neglected. Of particular concern, junk food is likely to contain harmful substances such as preservatives and additives that make children become addicted.

Things need to be aware of eating junk food or fast food is high calorie content. In principle this instant food has been through the process repeated. This process led to simple sugars on instant food are easily absorbed by the body.

Junk food is also included high glycemic index foods that cause a sense of addiction. Think this is due to feelings of pleasure derived from a blood sugar rise quickly. Then there is the craving effects (feeling of wanting to always be snacking) so the blood sugar falls rapidly.

Risk of Diabetes.
In addition, less junk food also contain fibers. In fact, in normal conditions, the fiber is needed to keep the cycle defecate (BAB) on a regular basis and compensate for calorie intake too much.

When left with a diet high in calories and less fiber continuously, the child will become obese. Foods with high glycemic index that triggers the production of insulin continuously, and over time will increase the risk of diabetes in children.

If you eat junk food constantly, not only lead to overweight in children but can also lead to degenerative diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure or other serious illnesses.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Identify Pneumonia in Babies

Because the symptoms are very similar to a cold (runny nose), pneumonia (pneumonia) in infants is often overlooked by parents. In fact, not a few infants who had died from diseases caused by these viruses.

Pneumonia is a type of infection that attacks the lungs (pulmonary bubble and surrounding tissue). This is caused by a variety of germs. This disease may be preceded by infection of the nose and throat and then charge into the lungs a few days later.

Germ carriers of pneumococcal disease can affect anyone, from newborn babies to adults though. Unfortunately, when pneumonia overwrite newborns, the consequences could be very fatal if not immediately treated. The reason, according to the WHO website, pneumonia or pneumonia is a major cause of death in children worldwide.

Similar symptoms Colds.
Toddlers with low immunity are still not familiar with viruses or bacteria that enter the body. Therefore, if there is a virus that enters the body, the immune bodies do not recognize the virus, the result can lead to lower respiratory tract infections.

In addition, the process of organ growth in immature babies also become a factor of infection so that it can weaken the antibody toddlers. Pneumonia symptoms similar to flu or colds in general. No dramatic effects, such as direct death or disability, so many parents who often ignore the disease in. In fact, the disease is dangerous because it can cause death in children because the lungs can not perform its function to get oxygen to the body.

Many parents still do not understand the condition of her son who was stricken with pneumonia and its effects.
Germs that cause pneumonia can be a bacteria or virus that reaches the lungs in various ways. For example, germs in dirty air and then inhaled through the nose and throat into the lungs and eventually cause an infection. In addition, the newborn is the most vulnerable groups and susceptible of contracting pneumonia from the birth mother through the streets during the birth process.

In addition to infants, children with low immune systems also include vulnerable groups affected by pneumonia.

Recognize Characteristics by Rhythm Breath Counting.
The easiest way to recognize if a child stricken with pneumonia is to count his breath in a minute.
1. Characteristics of children whose age is less than 2 months, when stricken with pneumonia is the breathing faster than 60 times per minute.
2. If age 2-12 months, then his breathing faster than 50 times per minute.
3. Meanwhile, if age 1-5 years, breathing faster than 40 beats per minute.

Parents can do at home counting the breath, to determine whether the children had early rapid breathing or not.
If it is true, immediately bolt to the doctor to get further treatment. If not, can be fatal.

Pneumonia can be Healed.
Although including severe disease, the parents need not worry, the article, pneumonia is a disease that can be treated. So, if done quickly and precisely, then the patient will be helped. All it takes is able to detect accurately.

In addition, adequate nutrition is also essential to improve the child's immune to all diseases. With exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months of age children, the child's immune system can be maintained well against pneumococcal disease (pneumonia) or other diseases.

In order to avoid children from pneumonia, the parents should really pay attention to your child's growth Parents must know the immunization schedule and make regular visits to the doctor or child health nurse and ask for a vaccine to prevent pneumonia.

How to Choose the Right Baby Formula Milk

Besides age, choose baby formula should also be adjusted to the conditions of children, whether they are allergic to milk or animal fat. Which must be known, milk is just one nutritional supplement, not substitute for food. Therefore, when a child is less intake of food, milk is not only by providing the right solution.

The emergence of infant formula information berbakteri bebarap time ago, could make parents confused in choosing the best milk for her baby. The first thing to note is do not make susuformula as a substitute for breast milk, but as the ASI. Thus, child nutrition depends not only on infant formula, but on the quality of breast milk.

For the provision of early, give formula with nutrient intake that is not too complex, because the baby is getting nutrition from breast milk and complementary foods. • You also must consider the quality of her breast milk, by consuming foods with balanced nutrition.

Adjust Age.
The first thing to be a concern in choosing infant formula is the rate of infant age. Adjust the age of infants who are generally divided into 2 types, 0-6 months and 6-12 months of follow-up milk or formula.
In general, infants 0-6 months, the digestive system is not perfect. While the age of 6 months, the majority is starting to improve and even already being given extra food. With differences and problems, nutrient content in susuformula for both age groups were also adjusted.

The second thing to note is that there are three types of infant formula when viewed from the level of infants allergic to milk formula.

Three types are:
  1. Formula Ordinary.
  2. Soy Milk.
  3. Milk Elemental.
If your child when tested in one formula that became our choice and no problems like allergies, it can be argued that the small s can consume milk formula made from cow's milk and has added various nutrients (fortification) to approximate the nutritional characteristics Breastfeeding and infant nutrition adequacy rate.

If your child having problems with regular milk formula, in general, your doctor will advise us to use formula milk made from soybeans. It occurs in infants who are allergic to cow's milk fat. Soy milk has a lower fat content and lower biological value, so more time to absorb the body.

But if your child is still too problematic to formuila regular milk (cow's milk), or formula milk from soybeans, then the doctor will usually advise you to use elemental milk or formula milk casein hydrolysis. This milk is basically the formula milk fat content is reduced, but other nutrients are propagated.

Dairy Food Not Substitute.
In children who ate less, usually more likely to directly given milk as a substitute. It tertsebut is not recommended because children under five should be given food that should be more varied in shape, taste and ingredients.
Various brands of infant milk sold in the market about the same composition, and most only vary in flavor.

The composition of milk that must be met in toddlers are:
  1. Protein should be high.
  2. Calcium.
  3. Fat balanced with proteins.
  4. Karbihidrat.
  5. Vitamins and minerals.
Sweetened Condensed Milk.
There are parents who give babies sweetened condensed milk as a food supplement. Though milk is not sweetened condensed milk for toddlers, sweetened condensed milk is higher in carbohydrates and less protein and calcium content, let alone make sweetened condensed milk as a substitute for food.

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Iron Deficiency Anemia Experienced Vulnerable children

Iron Deficiency Anemia, a disease caused by a lack of substance in red blood cell formation, such as iron deficiency. This is exactly the type of anemia is often experienced.

Then what is the connection between this anemia with iron deficiency.

In the case of Iron Deficiency Anemia, iron deficiency will make the levels of hemoglobin in the blood is also reduced.
Keep in mind, this iron is the most important element in the formation of hemoglobin, whereas hemoglobin itself is part of the blood which serves to transport oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.

With the decrease in hemoglobin, the oxygen which was circulated to the body's red blood cells will also be reduced. This is what makes the body become pale, listless and tired.
Worryingly, it turns out Iron Deficiency Anemia experienced by these vulnerable children, iron deficiency even including four child health problems in the world.

Symptoms experienced by patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia:
  1. The surface of the tongue becomes slick and shiny as papil (a pimple) tongue disappears.
  2. Tongue irritation.
  3. Lips chapped.
  4. Fingernails cracked.
  5. The desire to eat unusual foods such as ice cubes.
  6. For the conditions are quite severe, usually accompanied by shortness of breath.

If the child has such symptoms, parents should immediately take him to the doctor to ascertain whether the child has Iron Deficiency Anemia or not and is usually done is the determination of hemoglobin in the blood (blood test).

Type of Seizures In Children

From several sources indicate that almost 10 percent of people in the world have experienced seizures mainly due to fever in children.
Because of that, some myths stating that seizures can cause decreased intelligence of children, it is not true. There was no association between seizures with intelligence.

Although there are certain types of seizures that can make a child's motor skills violated, but it is very unlikely., Ie lateral complex seizures.

Type of Seizures.
Seizures themselves can be divided into 2 types:

1. Bilateral Simplex.
Character is if your child seizures in two hands.
2. Lateral Complex.

If the child is just a seizure on one side (right or left it alone), and only spasms in the same place, and its intensity is often, then this is the characteristic lateral complex seizures.

And if your child has the lateral complex, then there may be abnormalities of the brain that can affect motor skills as well.
And when it happened so, then the parents should immediately bring to the doctor for further review.

If a High Fever accompanied Other Symptoms

Fever is a symptom that often appear in children. Actually, the fever is not something that could be considered trivial. From that, identify first the type of fever in order to cope appropriately.

Certainly will be very sad if the child is usually lively and funny, suddenly sluggish because of a fever. Indeed today the reason most children brought to the doctor because of fever or heat.

Fever is a symptom or a signal from the body. Signal or a reaction that signifies that the body is invaded by microorganisms can be bacteria or viruses.

When the High fever accompanied Other Symptoms.
Actually, if the fever is not too high (below 38 degrees Celsius), then in fact the parents should not panic and do not need to bring the child to the doctor.

Moreover, if the child's fever is accompanied by cough and colds. Because if so, then in fact the child is only exposed to the flu virus, and how to cope only with plenty of rest.

If the fever is accompanied by symptoms of Appeal No Other.
Precisely the most concern is if the fever is not accompanied by other symptoms, such as coughs and colds, because if not accompanied by other symptoms, the child could have suffered brain infections or other infections.

In addition, parents should also be sensitive to linkunga, maksdunya if your child has a fever during dengue fever season environment, then it must not worry and check your child to the pediatrician, because it feared the kecill dengue fever.

Heat Sensitivity in Children Different.
However, in certain cases, your child may be a heat-sensitive child, where the heat sensitivity of each child is different, there is the body temperature to 38 degrees Celsius, but that's okay. But there also are still 37 degrees centigrade, the child has seizures because of the high heat received by the body.

Recognize the Worm infection in Children

For babies, but think about worm infections, may be considered prior infection in the digestive tract of children caused by viruses or bacteria.
Worm infections can usually be accompanied by a decrease in appetite, weight loss is difficult to ride, but it rarely is accompanied by high heat.

If the fever is accompanied by enough to dominate especially feces smell, most likely a bacterial infection can not be removed.
Bacterial infection is more dangerous than fast becoming a worm infection. Worm infection that is often experienced are roundworms, pinworms are often out of the anus at night and cause itching. And the other is the tapeworm that is often found in meat not cooked properly.

Prevention of worm infection is done mainly to keep clean our hands and our children. By washing hands regularly, keep cleaning your nails, get used to cook the meat until cooked to perfection, very likely will be spared from worm infection in children.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dangers of Sugary Foods to Children

Children are most happy eating sweet foods. However, if too much to consume, it would be very harmful to the health of children. Not only causes little affected by obesity, but also disorders of the teeth, and even diabetes at an early age.

As a parent, sometimes letting children consume sugary foods.
There is a saying that goes as follows:
Like mother, like daughter.
Like father, like son.

It's describing what is in children is a reflection of the behavior of their parents. Therefore, parents should set a good example to children as early as possible by not familiarizing excessive sweetness in every activities of eating and drinking.
Because sweetness is like an addictive substance that is difficult to remove.

Eating Habits.
In general, children can never resist carbohydrates as a source of nutrients that provide a sweet taste, especially simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, or sugar in the fruit.

Try just watch, kids are so easily aroused her appetite just by adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar into the milk or other beverages. Conversely, children do not like the taste of bitter. Understandable if they usually did not like vegetables because the vegetables tucked bitter taste.

Although the boy was crazy about was the type of food, parents should not spoil them by providing food that would be bad is.
If no power to refuse, quite sparingly, because although as a source of calories, sugars and carbohydrates are consumed in excess will only cause health problems later in life.

Early Diabetes.
Associated with adverse effects on health of children, when children consume food or drink sweet, so sweet it will be absorbed quickly into the blood vessels, thus increasing the levels of the hormone insulin.

Furthermore, the hormone insulin will work draw blood sugar and fat from the blood to dismpan in body tissues as inventory in the future.

This storage process if not balanced with energy expenditure, it will cause weight gain and excess (over weight), and could rise to overweight or obesity. The ends are a variety of diseases will arise, and one of the most threatening is the disease of diabetes.

Of all people, especially older people will be sad if young children are affected by diabetes is not it?
Therefore, as a parent should ushakan regulate food intake of sweets, especially sugar in children. Will eventually wake up good eating habits early on.

Destructive Dentistry.
In addition, excessive consumption of sweet foods can lead to dental caries.
Dental caries are holes in teeth caused by germs. Germs that can flourish in the teeth because there is food left on the teeth.
Germs are very happy to stay on the rest of the foods that contain carbohydrates and sweet.

When compared to other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, tooth pain seems mild indeed. However, if left unchecked, damaged teeth can cause a more severe risk.
For example, the lack of dental care of children under five. As a result, the teeth will be porous and colored black. If it is so, the child can not chew food properly.

Each meal, he will feel pain and over time he will not eat. And when it does not want to eat the parents who will trouble themselves later.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skin Disorders in Children

Anyone who saw the child laughed merrily, surely would love to see it. Do not let them kegembiaraan into tears because of the disruption in the child's skin.

Disorders of skin on your child could occur due to allergies, infections, or even less subdued child's skin moisture.
To that end, keeping the skin clean is very important, both with diligent daily bath routine twice or changing clothes and diapers of children under five is appropriate.

Health problems experienced by the child's skin should get attention. Because, if mishandled, will impact on child growth.
There are several skin health problems experienced by children.

Skin allergy can be biduran.
The symptoms are red spots on the skin accompanied by itching and fever. Usually arise when the condition of the body is not resistant to certain proteins in the skin and immune weakness.

Handling skin allergy is to avoid allergens.
For example, by eating certain foods such as fish, then it must be stopped and avoided for the next. Then the child is given increasing endurance to be more resistant to all kinds of disturbances.

Skin infections can be caused by flora that sticks to the skin resulting in inflammation. Boil is one example of the skin that is infected.
The cause is a germ or bacteria.
Means of prevention that can be done is by keeping the skin clean.

To make handling the topical skin infections needed antibiotics so as to stop the inflammation that occurs in the skin.
At the time exposed to a boil, do not be forced to perform inflammation by way of punch. Because inflammation can occur at once can be a more serious impact on the depth of the wound so it is more difficult to cure.

Skin irritation is usually in the form of diaper rash or prickly heat in infants.
Skin irritation occurs due to lack of preservation of moisture on the skin. The skin is in desperate need of moisture, but the excess or deficiency of moisture can impact skin health.

For treatment of skin irritation can be done by keeping the skin moist. In the case of diaper rash, it should be more frequent changing diapers, night can be replaced at least twice. In the daytime to avoid using diapers instant, while familiarize the child with toilet learning.
While in the case of prickly heat, replacement of the child when it's wet clothes should be done immediately. For example when children play, and his shirt is wet, must be replaced with dry clothes.
The point is to maintain cleanliness and moisture.

In order for skin health can be maintained properly, it needs the attention of parents to the child's behavior.
Such as ensuring the child a bath twice a day, morning and afternoon. This is to keep body moisture to stay awake so that the normal flora of the skin is not impaired.

Make sure clothes are worn not used anymore because the clothes are already in use have been contaminated with sweat.
When sweating, either because of play or other activities, kids clothes should be replaced immediately.
Activity outside the home after a long, straight is better dressed, and choose a soft fabric clothing that can absorb the sweat.

Maintaining cleanliness is important, but that does not mean a shower more than twice a day can interfere with the presence of normal flora on the skin.
That's some skin disorders in children is usually the case.

Danger of Pain Reliever Medicine

When experiencing a painful symptoms such as headaches, we are usually directly seek pain relief medication without consulting the head of the experts first. In fact, the use of pain relievers in the long run and to excess can damage body organs.

Pain medication is basically just serves to eliminate the symptom. Rheumatic pain for example, in dealing with rheumatic pain symptoms should be careful and ask the experts how to appropriate care.

If you only rely on pain relief medication alone will cause adverse effects on the stomach. So, do not let arthritis symptoms subsided but the stomach problems.

Drugs Do not Combined.
There are a lot of painkillers that are popular. Each one is more effective than others in reducing pain in conditions different. It depends on the nature and causes of pain, patient's age and medical history. From that, it is advisable to read the rules of use that has been attached, in which drug usage rules attached to it not only as mere decoration.

There are also some pain relief medication that combines several active substances, eg combined with caffeine or any other pain medication. In fact, the combination drug product, not necessarily more effective and has not been proven scientifically.
Basically, pain relief medications are equally at risk of renal function or cause allergic reactions.

Drugs with one active ingredient is always more effective than the combination product (this is what needs to be emphasized).
Caffeine is not always beneficial for the treatment of headaches. In addition, to prevent gastrointestinal pain, anti-pain medication should be taken after food and swallow it with water.

Take the medication a maximum of 3 times a day.
If your pain persists for 3 days, or anti-pain requiring more than 7 days per month, you should see her doctor.
Take pain medication according to doctor's instructions.

Can cause miscarriage.
Maybe you've read the attachment regarding drug use and prohibition rules. And most are not recommended for pregnant women take the drug unless directed by your doctor.

Pain relieving drugs in combination with analgesics consumed during pregnancy have a greater risk in giving birth to a baby boy with testicular abnormalities. Women who use more than one type of painkiller at the same time, have an increased risk 7-fold increase in the possibility of having a child with multiple abnormalities.

Be careful taking painkillers which bai pregnant before reaching 20 weeks or consult your doctor to be safe, because the gestational age is not even 20 weeks, going 7-fold risk of miscarriage.

Many doctors are warned to be more careful in taking pain relief medication. This is because the pain reliever proven as well as at high risk for cardiovascular diseases associated with vascular disorders such as heart disease and stroke, also have adverse effects on the stomach and skin.

If consumed up to 18 months, such drugs can perforate the intestine, stomach, and suffered a severe skin disorder in the form of red patches all over his body.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do Children Need Food Supplement

By reason of the little hard to eat or to stay fit, parents usually choose to add supplements to children. Although it is possible, but taking supplements or vitamins for the child should still be within the rules.
As the name implies, is an additional supplement of the staple food for children in order to achieve optimal growth and development. Pelu observed, the optimum is meant is something more than normal or excessive.

Supplements, whether in the form of vitamins or minerals, are used to complement the deficiency of vitamins and mineraldalam body. However, the assumption many people that can replace the natural vitamin supplements derived from food is the wrong thing.

Do not Overuse.
One type of food has a combination of different types of vitamins and other substances that the body needs.
If the need for vitamins is not adequate, will occur deficiency condition in children. The result is impaired growth and development.
Therefore, the provision of food including food supplements to children should be given appropriately.

Not only the exact amount but also the correct type, appropriate dosing schedule and give it the right way.
Vitamins play a role in biological processes such as growth, digestion, mental alertness and resistance to infection. In these processes vitamin serves as a catalyst for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Only, intake must be regular and in an appropriate amount so that children can grow and development of children can function optimally.

Vitamin deficiency can make a child's body can not work properly and interfere with growth. Meanwhile, if consumed in excess, then the kidney will work harder to membuangnya.Vitamin are fat soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K), the excess will be stored in body fat tissue and liver.
Accumulation of vitamins that are stored in excess can be toxic to the body.

Eating patterns.
Growth of children, generally seen from the height and weight growth of children. So no wonder if the parents became worried when her weight is not difficult to ride or even a ride-up. But, boy slim was not necessarily malnourished. In addition to looking at charts its growth, parents should also look at the child's development.

Although the child's weight gain is not significant or even permanent, but with a significantly increased height, coarse and fine motor skills well, brain development is also increasing rapidly, so parents do not need to worry.
Children are very active, of course, spend more energy. So it was natural that her weight so difficult to ride or if they go up, just a little.

Vitamin supplements is not to improve a child's appetite, because there is no vitamin that makes a child's appetite increases. Many factors could cause the child to be difficult or do not want to eat.

Causes Eating Difficult Child.
  • The child might get bored with the daily menu.
  • Kids want to grow teeth.
  • Are there psychological problems
  • Or your child is sick ..
The best source for vitamins and minerals is food.
That's why the human diet, both children mapupun adults, should be varied and balanced in accordance with the food pyramid. None other is for the body to obtain a complete vitamin intake.

It is ironic when parents are so very keen to give their children a reason to supplement with vitamin and mineral needs are met, but no attempt at all to improve the diet of children.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes mellitus is not only targeted at adults, children and adolescents Anka can become an easy target, especially children are now less motion, like to eat foods high in fat, salt and sugar.
Really At Risk.

Need to watch it, because more than half of children with diabetes will develop complications within 15 years.
If not handled properly, it is possible the child will die from diabetes related illnesses.

Pain suspected flu.
Diabetes in children is often misdiagnosed. Some regard it as the flu, even no further diagnosis or suspicion at all.
The medical community is still much less accurate in diagnosing.

Complaints of the child in fact was associated with asthma, dehydration, abdominal pain and so forth.
Even more fatal, parents often relate the weak conditions in children as a sign of deficiency of sugar, so the solution is to increase the intake of sugar.
You can imagine her as a result, sugar levels in the body will further soar.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabtes.
As parents, it would be helpful to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in children, because the sooner detected the sooner it will be handled.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children sudden onset.
Body weight dropped dramatically even though the child eats a lot, too much to drink and urinate a lot. And one more striking is the child who was not even wet the bed wet the bed again now.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type-2.
As a result of increasing obesity in childhood and sedentary lifestyle, Type 2 diabetes is also increasing rapidly in children and adolescents.
In some countries such as Japan, type 2 diabetes become a common disease in children.

In this type of diabetes, the body can normally produce insulin, but not enough insulin or can not work well to keep your sugar levels remain normal.
It should be suspected when a child starts a black nape, but not because of dirty, and this is one sign of insulin resistance that is easily recognizable.

Warning Signs of Diabetes in Children.
  • Frequent urination (wetting).
  • Excess Haus.
  • Increased Hunger.
  • Loss of Weight.
  • Easily Tired.
  • Less and Less Interest in concentration.
  • Sight Opaque.
  • Vomiting and abdominal pain, often misdiagnosed as a flu illness.
When the signs as above exist in a child, you should check their blood sugar levels. For children who are diagnosed with diabetes, you should regularly monitor blood sugar levels every day in the early diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Danger Diphtheria in Children

Beware when your child complains of sore throat and pain when swallowing food or drink, especially if accompanied by fever, headache, heart beats faster, nausea and vomiting. It could be a child stricken with pain caused by diphtheria toxin-producing bacteria.

Overview of Disease Diphtheria.
Diphtheria is a contagious disease that is very dangerous in children.
Disease is easily spread and attack especially in the upper respiratory tract. Transmission usually occurs through splashing saliva of people who carry germs to others who are healthy. In addition, the disease can also spread by contaminated objects or foods.

Diphtheria is caused by the bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae, a bacterium that does not move and do not form spores. The main symptoms of diphtheria is the membrane formed by a thin layer of grayish-white color that arise, especially in the nasal mucosa, mouth until the throat.

Symptoms of  Diphtheria
Symptoms of this disease began to occur within 1-4 days after infection.
The first sign of diphtheria is a sore throat, fever and symptoms that resemble the common cold. Bacteria will proliferate in the body and release toxins or poisons that can spread throughout the body. Bekteri even this can make people become very weak.

Whenever diphtheria is getting worse, the throat becomes swollen, causing the patient became short of breath. Even more dangerous anymore, can also close the road completely respiratory. Diphtheria can also cause inflammation of the heart wrapping so that patients can die suddenly. These symptoms are caused by a toxin produced by diphtheria bacteria.

If not promptly treated, toxins produced by these germs can cause an inflammatory reaction in the upper respiratory tract tissues so that the tissue cells may die.
Malicious attacks are on the incubation period of 1 to 5 days. In this phase, the nasopharynx can cause infections that cause breathing difficulties and death. The main cause is inflammation of the membranes of the upper respiratory tract, plus a thorough damage to all organs.

When diphtheria attacked the throat, the initial symptoms are tenggotokan people develop inflammation, loss of appetite and fever. Within 2-3 days, a layer of white or gray can be found on the ceiling of the throat and may bleed. And if there is bleeding, the layer turns into a gray-green or black. People with diphtheria are usually no fever, but it can be neck pain and shortness of breath.

Prevention and Treatment.
When a child is experiencing early symptoms of suffering from diphtheria, the doctor will take a diagnosis based on symptoms and the discovery of the membrane. Not infrequently also conducted an examination of mucus in tenggoroka. As for the view that cardiac abnormalities caused by the disease, the examination can be done with the electrocardiogram (ECG).

Every child can be infected by diphtheria.
However, susceptibility to infection depends on whether he was ever infected with diphtheria, and also on the immunity. Babies born to mothers who are immune will get passive immunity, but it will not be more than 6 months and at the age of 1 year immunologically depleted altogether. Every child who recover from diphtheria disease does not always have a lasting immunity. At best, actively acquired immunity by immunization.

Effective prevention.
The most effective prevention is immunization. This is done simultaneously with tetanus and pertussis (DPT) as much as 3 times since the baby was 2 months with an interval of 1-2 months of inoculation. This immunization will provide active immunity against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus at the same time.

Moreover, the diphtheria can be prevented by always maintaining hygiene, either themselves or the environment. Infectious disease is most contagious in a poor neighborhood with low sanitation levels. Not only that, it is important to maintain a healthy diet.

Treatment is focused to neutralize diphtheria toxin or diphtheria toxin to kill germs and Corynebacterium diphtheriae, causes diphtheria. With prompt treatment, the severe complications can be avoided. However, the situation could be worse when the younger child's age, suffering from diphtheria disease is quite long, malnutrition and the provision of antitoxin is too late.

Early Detection Minus Points in Children

Minus points often progressive at the time the children and tend to stabilize when they reach the age of 20. To do so, be aware that since the early toddler avoid minus points.

Eye very important means for human beings.
About 80 percent of the information we get comes from the senses of vision. If there is any disturbance of vision, there will be disruption in the lives of the people.
Difference of vision (refraksi) is a condition where there is one or more optical structures of the eyeball that shows variations outside the normal biological variation, but not an eye disease variants (congenital). And this variation is individual and sometimes difficult to found a previously predicted.

Not all variations of vision in children should be corrected.
However, when these variations interfere with normal vision development process, then this should be detected early and made corrections. Early detection and accurate correction can do to help reduce the number of vision disorders in children.

Reading distance.
Minus points or often also called myopia, is a condition in which blurred vision when viewing the remote.
In the case of this myopia, the eyeball axis is longer than the normal size, so that the focal point falls in front of the retina. This can result in long distance thing will look fuzzy when seen. Harassment in most myopia in children, and is usually found at the screening examination at school.

Causes of Myopia (Minus Points).
In the various progressive myopia, often caused by
1. Genetic factors from parents.
2. Common factors such as the condition is often read or write with jarakdekat
3. Light has an extra strong and long (computer and television) also aggravate the condition of progressive myopia.

Minus Points symptoms.
Children with myopia often complained,
1. Blur when viewing objects at a distance.
2. Turn.
3. Fatigue of the eye.
4. Often approached the object to be seen.

At the age of children up to teenagers, the elongation of the eyeball is part of the body growth,
Elongation axis causes the refractive media focus your confidential files in front of focused light. In line with the longitudinal axis of the eyeball, degree of myopia it will increase further.

Increase degree of myopia requiring glasses higher rank, so an increase minus this simply inevitable. Therefore, in early childhood recommended that screening be repeated every 6 months. In the age group between 20-40 years, progresivitas myopia can be slowed and in therapy by means of a classic.

Function stockings.
When your toddler has gejal symptoms mentioned above, the specialist doctor to immediately check his eyes for the detection of possible variations experienced refraksi.
Early detection can be started since the age of 1 year, 3 years of age and repeated every year, especially for children with a history of old people suffering from myopia.

In children, myopia can be corrected with glasses wearing the right. The purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent lazy eye. Instead of using the right glasses, the control routine is recommended.
This is to know precisely and accurately how the development or growth of the eyeball. When the unknown is increasingly elongated, the eyes of the lens used as a therapy should be adjusted as well.

How to Prevent Eye Minus the child is not growing.
  • Keeping the distance read books and 40-45 cm in 60 cm visibility on the computer screen.
  • Make sure children wear glasses regularly.
  • Eat plenty of nutrients for eye health.
  • Note that the lighting system when the son of activities such as reading and watching TV.
  • Each time reading books, selingi to see what is in the vicinity before reading further.
  • Routine inspections.